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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can post on

Your company should be located in a destination where adventure sports are practiced. Need a skilled worker, intern or volunteer? Search no further. Post an opportunity today and get access to a pool of eager adventure workers qualified for your needs.

Your company brings people into the outdoors to practice adventure sports and/ or you are promoting eco-tourism activities

You're an organic farm located near a location where your employees can practice adventure sports.

You're are offering sustainable accommodation to your guests and are located in an adventure tourism destination.

How to become an employer?

Click on 'Become an employer' on the top right corner and follow the steps. Once you have completed the steps, you are now ready to post your first opportunity!

Long answer short, it's free :)

Once you have joined The Adventure Collective as an employer

Home page > Profile photo > My Profile  

The better the profile the better the chances of attracting the right candidates 

What are the 3 different types of opportunities?

Jobs are paid positions that require skilled applicants. These roles are typically filled for longer periods of time.

Work exchanges are often unpaid positions. Eager workers will often lend their time and skill as in exchange for room & board. They are also looking to get valuable work and cultural experience and to have an adventure base to explore.

Internships are built to provide industry training. Unlike work exchange opportunities, internships offer more support, feedback and value-based experience for the traveler. The fees for internships are based on the curriculum and length. Make sure to include as much information on the internship opportunity as possible.

How do to post an opportunity?

1- Log in

2- Go to post opportunity (from the top menu)

3- Fill up the job posting form - it's that easy!

We have carefully provided you with various sections to help you set your preferences and tailor each job posting to various positions in the adventure tourism industry. We suggest you build out each posting with as much information as possible and clearly identify what it takes for a candidate to be successful. If you sense any limitations or ways we can improve, feel free to reach out! We love getting feedback.

Go to: Manage posting > Edit

You have the choice to publish or to save each posting. At the bottom of the job posting form check < publish now > or manage your setting from ' Manage my posting ' to edit, publish or unpublish.

How to manage online applications?

Receive & manage all job applications in one place. Instantly review, deny or accept applications & communicate with applicants directly for any follow-ups.

1- Receive applications for each specifics jobs

2- Chat with applicants

3- Confirm or decline 

Adventure workers can only get in touch with you via the job opportunities you post. You will receive instant notification by email and on your company profile when someone has applied.

Do I need to facilitate a working visa?

Although some work exchanges and volunteering opportunities don't typically require visas, certain countries may require one. If you are aware of these regulations in your country, please inform all candidates via the job posting. We ask all employers to comply with your country regulation.

Paid positions required working visas if you are hiring international candidates. Many workers will have current work visas or will be willing to obtain them prior to travels. 

Many businesses will hire international employees through sponsorships. We are currently working on providing you with more information to help support the process. In the meantime, please contact your nearest embassy.

Account settings

Adventure workers have access to the information found on the posting and through your company profile. The profile should be managed by someone in charge of the hiring process. 

Home Page > My Profile > Edit 

Easily modify information

Home Page Menu > Account settings

Support for employers & hosts

Every employer is assigned an ambassador per country or region. They are there to answer any questions you may have or provide support on any troubleshooting regarding your account. When you create your account you will receive an instant message from them.  You can find them:  

Manage Posting > Ambassador > Contact

Reach out and say hi! They are pretty cool and there to help you. 

For all inquiries, to report a bug or a problem or if you would like to provide feedback you can contact the admin team directly - Please note, that response time may take up to 48 hours. For quicker response, please reach out to your ambassador directly.

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