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Horse Caretaker

Work exchangeRanchesCayambe, Ecuador


A fantastic opportunity to live and work for an established horse riding company, Ride Andes, in Ecuador. Our farm is located about 30 minutes NE of the city of Cayambe and has a breathtaking view. We currently have 15 horses (unstabled) and 2 dogs. For 15 years, Ride Andes has run thanks to the help of amazing volunteers. You will stay on the farm in an idyllic location, helping take care of the horses and assist with the preparation and running of the riding tours. Please visit our website for more information on our tours and our volunteer program. The work consists of a lot of riding, often riding and leading 1 or 2 horses when exercising (training given) in-between tours. You can spend a full day riding so best if you are riding fit. All of the horses have individual characters and are in different stages of training, and so some schooling may be required – depending on applicants skills. Other tasks include grooming, taking care of the tack, field management, feeding and basic veterinary care if required. You will also oversee/work alongside the local workers (eg. make sure the worker(s) arrive on time, the horses given water, get treated for injuries etc.). The work is varied and days can be long; only people with a “can-do” attitude, flexibility and willingness to get stuck in to any task need apply! In addition to farm responsibilities, volunteers may be able to come along on the riding tours as a second guide. The role is adaptable, depending on the skills and interests of the successful applicant. *Please note. Due to an unfortunate string of no shows and volunteers leaving without notice, it is with great regret that we have been forced to request a refundable deposit in order to secure your spot and to help us ensure a smoother transition between volunteers and a continuous presence here at the farm. Volunteers have been helping Ride Andes for over 15 years – several returning to help us out again- and it is very disappointing to now feel forced to have to take such measures as requesting a ‘guarantee’ and we hope you can understand this measure. Requirements -Minimum age of 25 years (this is negotiable depending on applicants riding skills, Spanish skills and travel experience) -Fluent English; conversational Spanish - able to give and receive directions etc. (no non-speakers please) -Can stay 1 month or longer, preference given to those who can stay 3 months (90 day visa on arrival, easy to extend a further 90 days) -Maximum weight 75kg (due to the size of the horses, terrain and altitude) -Competent riding ability -A USD250 deposit will also be required, usually easiest for all via Paypal. This deposit is refundable. (a receipt can be signed, scanned and sent). -Required Key Skills -Riding (English and/or ‘western’) -Horsemanship (not just riding) - this is important, you may be handling multiple horses at once, minor vet care etc. -Spanish (basics & willingness to learn) ->There are good and cheap Spanish schools in Quito so you could do an intensive refresher upon arrival -Tourism (any previous experience in customer service/tourism industry would be a bonus but not essential) Also a bonus, not essential: -Schooling -Lunging -Exercising Accommodation Accommodation is provided at our semi-remote farm along with money for food/supplies. You will be expected to buy and cook your own food with the money provided. Though remote, communications are good at the farm: we have a steady 3G connection that is easily used for international video calls, booking and paying for tours, to do research etc. There is also a phone that stays in the house for emergency calls and to be used as a hotspot for computers. Job Benefits -Opportunity to live and ride horses in a beautiful part of the world -Spend days off exploring Ecuador (Amazon, Cloud Forest, Galapagos Islands – Ride Andes will help seeking discounts for you). You get one and half days off per week which you can accumulate and have a longer break -A chance to come along on client tours and experience the Ecuadorian Andes with them, while gaining invaluable guiding experience -A percentage of tips from rides will be given to volunteers, as they are involved in a lot of the prep work before rides! -A wage may be negotiated for a successful applicant who commits to a longer term stay Please read over everything carefully and send an email to to apply or to ask us any questions!






Min. stay

1 month

Max. stay

6 months

Skills we are looking for

Animal care

- Care of 15 horses. Assisting the local workers with grooming and exercising the horses

- Must be a competent rider who is capable of riding and leading horses

- Horses are trained English style of riding

- Ability to speak Spanish preferred as the farm is in a rural location

- Accommodation and small stipend provided for food. Wage available to applicants with the necessary skills and can stay for a longer period of time

What are the job details

5 days a week
8 hours
Couples ok
Tourist visa
Proof of travel
Over 21 years old
Must speak:Must speak:

1.5 days off a week. This can be accumulated and taken in one chunk to go travelling etc.

Some days can be longer than other due to the nature of farm/horse care.

What's in it for you

Room typeRoom type
Transportation availableTransportation available
Public transit

- Local bus service affordable way to travel. Close to Cayambe, from here you can get to Quito, Otavalo etc. easily

-"Taxis"/private drivers can be available if necessary to help you get around!

- Chance to horseback ride in a beautiful part of Ecuador!

Adventures near by


Ecuador is an extremely beautiful country FULL of adventure. We can help you to find the best trips (and how to get there etc.) to take during your time off!

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