My top 10 Travel Experiences

My Top 10 Travel Experiences


I spent 7 years traveling full time and continue to travel domestically consistently. International trips are still a priority and I am currently planning my next trip to what will be my 75th country. I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorite travel experiences. This was extremely difficult because everything has been awesome, even the 32 hour bus journeys in 95* heat. But here it is, in no particular order.


1) Northern Vietnam; motorbike trip. I rented a motorbike in Hanoi and took a loop thru the north with no real trajectory and was dumbfounded with the scenery. Also wound up in China on accident.


2) Patagonia, Chile and Argentina. I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, it’s a hot spot for the best reason. Enchanting mountain formations, unfathomable peaks, and the sexiest people on the planet.


3) Lofoton, Norway. I almost don’t want to share this because as of right now it seems still mildly under the radar but it’s beyond perfection. Dramatic mountains, perfectly peaceful villages, endless fjords, arctic surfing. Also the very most expensive country I have been to. #worthit


4) Pamir Highway, Tajikistan. Wondrous, wild, unpredictable, desolate and raw. You’re out there, not close to anything. It really isn’t a highway, rather a rocky track of a path that trails along the Afghanistan border and merits the second highest highway in the world. Prepare yourself for altitude sickness.


5) Allee de Boabab, Madagascar. It looks fake, it feels fake … but it’s real. Really real and out of this world. It was hell to get to but the journey definitely added to it’s charm.


6) K2 Base Camp trek, Pakistan. This is one of the most peaceful countries I have been to, and probably my most recommended country to visit. You can let the ideas you may have about the country go, and just let the incredible humans welcome you, adore you and show you their beautiful way of life.


7) India. Unlike any country I have ever been to. Once you get past the initial assault on all of your senses when you first arrive. And you get used to not having any personal space, she will blow your mind.


8) Ethiopia. The cultural differences alone make this a trip to remember. Oh, and it’s hands down my favorite cuisine!


9) Cappadocia, Turkey. What a surreal experience to float magically in hot air balloon in one the world’s more unique landscapes. And it’s just one of the country’s gems!


10) Hitchhiking in Iceland and New Zealand. Is it ok if I package them together? Getting around a country by your thumb and backpack on your lap in your newfound friend’s backseat is as thrilling as it sounds.



It's tough to cut it down to just 10, traveling is nowhere near being done for me. How about you? Are you ready to start writing your own journey?