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We live our lives by the rhythm of nature, chase the elements and the next seasons. We are the Adventure Collective, a place for active members of the adventure community.

The Adventure Collective is an intuitive platform that promotes job and work-exchange opportunities in the world's best adventure tourism destinations. Whether you are a company looking to hire or an adventure seeker looking for work, The Adventure Collective has got you covered. 

The community is the heart and center of what we do. As a member of The Adventure Collective, you will gain access to a global network of like-minded adventure enthusiasts and an exclusive network of employers from around the world! We are creating this community because living an active and sustainable lifestyle, full of adventure, is part of a greater solution. 



Worldwide Opportunities

Get access to the coolest jobs and work exchange opportunities in the best adventure destinations around the world.

Job management system

Our job management system allows you to keep track of the job postings you may be interested in and review the status of the jobs you apply for.

Like-minded community 

Join a growing community of outdoor enthusiasts who live & breathe outdoor adventure.


The Adventure Collective team is always here to help you and assist you on your journey.